What does the technology I use do to my body? That is the question I begin with. In an interactive workshop promoting human interaction and connection. Through simple touch-based exercises such as eye contact, simple weight sharing, and self-directed massage we can directly perceive the idea of touch and connection on a physical level. In discussion we can approach the mental understanding. By doing both in one workshop we can open up new perspectives, solutions, and questions. How does technology communication touch us? For heavy tech users, how have our bodies been influenced? For developers, how can we introduce the idea of balance and sustainability? Can we imagine a technology usage that moves with our full range of motion? This discussion is open to all.

In performance I share my body’s psychosomatic reaction to the contemporary information era. I am adapting to the opposite pulls of the high frequency techno data sphere that swirls in torpedoing, torments. Consumed in hours upon hours of Google searches, film edits, and written documents. I am trying to build my life online, a fantasy space where I fragment myself into the web in hope of a “real life” return. Will these hours of data construction materialise themselves out of the screen? Will I get to touch their effect in my tangible existence? Dipping between the real and the imaginary, letting my poetic delusional run free in a gestural construction of meaning. Utilising the human and non-human aspects of myself, I enter a trance-inducing place of contact in my body. An inter-dimensional performance that challenges bodily norms and possibilities through the construction of choreographic and performative devices.

No registration is necessary for the workshop performance. For times please see the timetable of the shuttle bus.

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