Vanessa Braun (Documentation)

Timo Dufner (Workshop-Coordination, Technics)

Julie Hirtt (Artist Care-Coordination)

Gregor Lilakewitsch (Artist Care)

Judith Müller (Editorial Staff)

Katharina Müller (Editorial Staff)

Christian Palmizi (Artistic and Executive Director)

André Pfeiffer (Documentation, Team-Coordination)

Elise Ross (Artist Care)

Christoph Schmitz (Technical Director)

Lukas Schmitz (Technics)

Jonas Schneider (Graphics, Layout, Typesetting, Programming, Web Technology)

Gregor Schulte (Technics)

Kati Trinkner (Editorial Staff)

Dorota Wawrzyniak (Editorial Assistance)

Our thanks go to all helpers and supporters, especially Anna Müller, Lukas Fehr, Hendrik Janz, Jens Schindel as well as Alex Renz and Marco Podobnik for the moderationen and Ken Werner, Hanna Diedrichs and Torsten Geucke for the photo documentation!

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