“Often musicians are obsessed with writing either dark or positive music. However I am more interested in producing music that contains both duality in equal. Like the nature that is sometimes bloomy sunny but sometimes thunder storming. By understanding the nature of both parts of the duality, one can accept and appreciate all sides. So this is the message that I want to deliver to the audience in this musical work, thus to empower them. The work is made of various synthesisers including a modular system and analogue drum machines. Two and a half years ago, I chose synthesiser as my instrument because I was fascinated by the fact that it carries out powerful sound waves out of organic electricity. I use them to create enjoyable vibrational energy which are harmonics and rhythms, in which my intention and message can be enclosed and get delivered to the audience more efficiently. Nature is where all my inspirations come from. I recorded a lot of sound materials from the nature in India and manipulated with synthesisers in this work. Like I thought from the nature that I want to produce my music out of organic sources that contains duality, I came to the thought that I would let the sound naturally be how it wants to be. Working with modular synthesisers introduced me to generative sounds - the patch can be made that the electricity flows freely and generates its evolving sounds by itself. So, in this work, I let the patch generate its sounds by itself and I was playing matching sound to it. I was no longer the one in power to control the sound but I was working on sound together with the nature. In conclusion, I am glad to say that this work that I am submitting was born from nature, mind and even sounds out of nature.”

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