The year is at the end of the 21st century. Epidemics and environmental catastrophes are raging outside. Meanwhile, a small elite has elevated themselves above the rest of the world: with the help of the latest technology, they changed their bodies radically in order to get closer to immortality. By means of neuro-technological procedures, the brain was linked more and more to the computer – the digital information network merged with the human. The whole world is covered by an immortal data cloud, an über-conscience, which can hardly be evaded by individuals. In the performance, the audience meets the hacker X; she is one of the last ‘natural’ humans and created a refuge for herself in the middle of the cyber valley: a no data bubble, a safe space. But in the sky, a storm is coming; timeless storms of images rage and X is confronted with a world she no longer understands: she encounters the sublime.

8 to 9 pm

Director and Text Gregor Schuster
Dramaturgy Peer Ripberger
It plays Thea Rinderli

Premiere as part of the generate!_lab of Shedhalle Tübingen – Forum for Contemporary Arts

Tickets via website of the ITZ/Zimmertheater or as combinded festival ticket.

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