"We want to give the forest a voice. In the light of the recent events (the case of Hambach forest, deforestation of primeval forests, climate change, Anthropocene) we try to give the original, natural forest the chance to speak (in the spirit of “Be the voice of the voiceless”) and provide a forum for it. The performance augments the sounds of forest and (human) breath using staged rhythms and layered sound surfaces. In this way it reflects the threat, concern, anxiety and sadness of the forest though also its vitality, diversity and, particularly, its life-giving force in the contemporary musical form."

In three “noise boxes“ distributed across the room there are both parts of the forest (like leaves or wood, for example) and a “breathing station.” Listeners have the possibility to become a part of the performance by reaching inside the boxes, rustling the leaves and cracking the wood. In this way, they can both feel the materials given by the forest and imitate/create the forest sounds. The breathing station can be used to record human breathing noises. The noise boxes are equipped with microphones. They record the audio of the noises and send it to the artists. Thus, the audience becomes part of the show.

The music consists of two levels: 1. Instruments relating to the forest/wood theme: xylophone, violin, clarinet. Repetitive patterns and lines of sound that are adapted to unite into sound surfaces. 2. Digital Audio Workstation (Ableton live) that enriches the performance with electronic beats. Moreover, the recordings of the separate audio elements come together here and can be mixed, adjusted and edited on the fly.

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