IMMINENCE is a live generative audiovisual performance that investigates the intersection of art, technology, philosophy, and spirituality, in an attempt to transmit everything that goes beyond the intellectual syntax, into a state of inner focus. The journey is focused on the interconnectedness of (sonic and visual) spaces where there is interaction and connection, much like the nature of our day to day lives. The viewer experiences the narrative of inner spaces which are the crucial and fundamental part of our existence but seem to be taken for granted, especially in the digital era. The sound concept is based on an analog processing of the electric guitar to transform the identity of the original source, creating pulsing textures that build evocative and suspended atmospheres. Using minimal aesthetics and audio reactive behavior through Derivative's Touchdesigner, the evolution of the rhythm influences the 3D landscapes that explore the perceived inner spaces. The audio and visual communication is utilized as a medium to traverse the inner and outer worlds simultaneously and diminish the seeming barriers. The audience experiences a gradual transition in the nature of the environments that progresses from seemingly isolated and individualistic towards a Heterotopia of connection and interaction represented by beautiful immersive abstractions.

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