The composition Amnesia is written for cello and live electronics. The cello part was composed based on twelve-tone technique followed by ring modulation technique and manipulated audio data with Supercollider. For the electric, sinusoidal features are used to express movements between lines in a long repetitive pattern and the timbre is represented by a bright metallic sound. Interval and harmony are expressed by detuned pitches rather than exact tuning. The buffer, used as pre-recording for the distorted signal, complements the cello sound and eliminates extreme signal modulation, reducing the imbalance between the cello and the electronic sound. Thus technology can form an integral part of overall performance or increase certain factors. This means that in some situations its role also can be reduced to a sound source or sound manipulation means. Finally, the composition will serve as a basis for a quadraphonic system that would incorporate the generative digital signal process environment.

The lecture topic will be digital technology in modern composition techniques with the aim to create a natural duet effect by combining electro acoustic sound and instrumental sound including an excursion to notation techniques in live electronics from Karlheinz Stockhausen to John Cage and notation in 21st century.

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