Thea Rinderli (ITZ/Zimmertheater ensemble member)

Thea Rinderli (*1987), born near Zurich, was born with British citizenship in her cradle. She experienced her first ecstatic moments on stage in the circus tent, with which she then sailed for a year through Switzerland and Luxembourg. Her work with SIGNA took her to the National Theatre in Mannheim, to the Theatre Trier, with her own collective ROAR to the Ruhrtriennale and to the Schlachthaus Theater in Bern. She is happy to give free rein to her playfulness and the claim to collective political contemporary theatre and to make the audience glow! She has been a member of the ITZ ensemble since the 18/19 season.

Gregor Schuster (director)

Gregor Schuster (*1989) works at the interface between theatre, film and performance. In Berlin he worked for two years as assistant director for Hans Werner Krösinger in his documentary theatre productions at HAU. His own directorial work has been shown on Kampnagel (Katapult Kapitulation), in the Malersaal of the Hamburg Schauspielhaus (Penthesilea), in the St. Pauli Theater (Bla Bla Bla Land) or at the Kaltstart Festival (Vladimir Pussy). He also works as a curator for the Habitat-Festival and the Club Südpol. With his queer performance collective 'Cointreau On Ice' he regularly appears on stages such as the MS Dockville Festival or the Fusion Festival.

Peer Ripberger (ITZ/Zimmertheater artistic director)

Peer Ripberger (*1987) worked as a director and author at theatres in Augsburg, Trier, Flensburg, Göttingen and Eggenfelden. Most recently he worked as a member of the artistic direction in the Pilkentafel theatre workshop in Flensburg. He wants theatre to be political and to have a clear edge in terms of content and aesthetics.

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