Festival for Electronic Arts

Günter Rolle

Günter Rolle


Günter Rolle is a piano and harpsichord builder with over 40 years of professional experience, electronic musician (including Les Six), sound designer, #ems mentor and beta tester at teenage engineering.


Synthesizer Basics

The participants get to know the philosophy, functionality and versatile possibilities of the electronic all-in-one musical instrument OP-1, the small Pocket Operators, the Multimedia Synthesizer and Sequencer OP-Z as well as the new Pocket Operator Modular from teenage engineering.

Among other things, the workshop offers the opportunity to discover, connect and use the instruments creatively according to the hands-on principle.

Previous knowledge is not required. Interest and fun in electronic music and multimedia as well as the creative handling with it should however be present.

The focus of the workshop is variable and depends on the wishes and level of knowledge of the participants.

Please bring headphones/earphones with 3.5mm stereo jack plugs and, if available, OP-1/OP-Z and Pocket Operators.

The workshop will be led by Günter Rolle/Stuttgart in close cooperation with teenage engineering.

Please register via: workshop@shedhalle.de
Contribution towards expenses: 20€ regular / 15€ reduced