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University of Tübingen / 360° Videography

University of Tübingen / 360° Videography


Three short films – “Novo Capoeira”, “Copy of Techno” and “Essen, Fasten, Teilen” (“Eating, Fasting, Sharing”) – by ethnology students were made during the seminar “360° Videography” (conducted by Prof. Karin Polit and Christoph Bertolo/Ethnology, Tübingen) in the summer semester 2019. The aim was to depict different types of rituals performed today.

The GENERATE! complements the short films with the Virtual Reality Adventure “VR WIESN” produced by Philipp Pamer which is also presented in 360° format at a contemporary event full of rituals, the Munich Oktoberfest, and with “6:30 AM” by Alya Hatta, a video work which challenges the ideas of what it means to be Malaysian by mixing real instances and stereotypes.


Novo Capoeira

by Sofia Porscha

This film documents a festival of the group Novo Capoeira Reutlingen from 26 May 2019. A focus lies on the variety of Capoeira, which is exemplarily represented at the festival of the group.

Capoeira is a form of fighting, dancing, living and resistance that has developed since the colonisation of Brazil. Since its origin, for which there is no clear theory, different movements have emerged. These include Capoeira Angola, where the game of Capoeira and the communication of the practitioners is in the foreground, Capoeira Regional, where the martial art character of Capoeira becomes clear and Capoeira Contemporânea, which is regarded as a kind of modern mixed form. The central values of Capoeira in all its forms are social integration, respect and community.

Copy of Techno

by Johannes Stender and Katharina Frick

“Copy of Techno” is an attempt to capture a modern yet ancient phenomenon. Since time immemorial man has danced to music collectively. This form of ritual practice and expression is what the film wants to dedicate itself to using the example of techno. As genre outsiders, we were primarily preoccupied with the question: What does techno mean beyond a definition of “electronic dance music determined by particularly fast rhythm”?

Essen, Fasten, Teilen

by Jakob Bangen and Marlin

What actually happens at Ramadan? What is the significance of fasting and breaking the fast together for the community? How does a day in the month of fasting work for Muslims in Germany?

Jakob Bangen and Marlin got to know Islam and one of its most important festivals during the summer semester of 2019. The film provides an insight into the festivities in the mosque and, on a smaller scale, in private apartments. The pictures of the common prayer and the common breaking of the fast were taken in the Tübingen IGMG Mosque.